5 Ways to Help Your Library Right now

We shouldn’t just ignore Terry Deary and hope he’ll go away.

1) Dust off your library card and actually use it – check out books, ebooks, DVDs, anything.

Attend library programs. And once you’ve done these things, be vocal about it! Tell your friends and neighbors how the cool things that are provided by the library (you know, in case they forgot). Word of mouth is essential when it comes to library promotion.

2) Write to your local politicians about how the library benefits you.

Politicians tend to support what communities want them to support, so don’t be shy about letting them know how swell you think libraries are. And if your town has a library budget vote, get on out there and vote in favor of it, why dontcha? Money talks, after all.

3) Speaking of money: you can always donate some to the library!

It will always benefit you, the patron, whether directly or indirectly. (Also, if you have outstanding late fees, don’t be ashamed. But do step up and pay them if you are able to. You’ll feel better and the library will thank you.)

4) If you have kids, teach them to see the library as a place that holds opportunities for both education and entertainment.

Take them to programs like storytime and Arts & Crafts and gaming. Get them a library card at an early age. Make going to the library a fun family experience. (By pure coincidence, my best friend from childhood emailed earlier today and told me that she took her one-year-old to the library for the first time over the weekend and he seemed to love it. It warms the heart, I tell you.)

5) If you happen to be a member of the media or a journalist (or anyone, really), PLEASE do some research.

Make sure you’re not spreading around blatantly false information NOR presenting opinions as cold hard facts – like in this reaction to/defense of Deary: “People who borrow books for free wouldn’t go out and buy them” and “No one visits a library for the reference department any more.” What? No.

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