High School Horror Stories: The Finalists

Inspired by Jen Lancaster’s new novel Here I Go Again, we asked you to dish your deepest, darkest, most embarrassing high school horror stories.

We LOLed our way through the bountiful entries and have selected five finalists. Click through to read their stories and click “like” to vote for your favorite.

Finalist #1: “Yeah, he brought his mom on our date…

Finalist #2: “The only bonus was that I got out of gym for the rest of the year…

Finalist #3: “The ‘stylist’ believed she found a nit in my hair and sounded the lice alarm…

Finalist #4: “…students that day saw London, France, and someone’s underpants.

Finalist #5: “I’m walking to the band room when he rushes up to me and pushes me back up against the wall.

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