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Take a peek over our shoulders and see what members of team Riot is reading right now.

Take a peek over our shoulders and see what members of team Riot is reading right now.

The problem with reading is that we are never talking about reading to learn, we are almost always talking about reading for pleasure, while at the same time nervously worrying about and sneering about the idea that reading is a fun and pleasurable activity instead of a higher calling. We’re very neurotic about this. We aren’t talking about reading a shelf of history books or psychology manuals, we’re talking novels…but what if they’re the wrong novels? Or what if they’re the right novels, but you don’t read them in the right way? Or what if you read Dickens, but you keep wandering off to watch goofy shit on the internet (That’s me).

What winds up happening is, we worry and grumble about people not reading, then turn around and worry and grumble about the sanctity and power of reading, and the way we must approach it with reverence or it might not count or something. And essentially what this does is suck all the pleasure out of reading.

from We Love and We Hate Reading For Pleasure by Peter Damien

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More recently I’ve been willing to admit that lofty intellectual goals—for me, anyway—have no place mixing with relaxation, but vacation-reading planning is a stressful process nonetheless, as it is rather a lot harder than one might think to find exactly the right book that will not make one think too hard. This problem is complicated for me by the fact that I am cursed with a freakish ability to read an entire novel in a matter of hours, along with a conviction, familiar to many obsessive readers, that the absolute worst problem imaginable is to be stuck somewhere without a book—or, even more awful, with the wrong book. Normal people solve this problem with ereaders but, you know. I have earned my peccadilloes, and an inexplicable refusal to embrace ebooks is among them.
from Book People Problems: Vacation Reading by Sarah McCarry
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