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Tell your friends about Panels, our upcoming comics site, and win comics. It’s easy.

Tell your friends about Panels, our upcoming comics site, and win comics. It’s easy.

“Scarlett stirs up a mix of conflicting and complex emotions, which is why it’s so fascinating to discuss her with others. Some people love her, some hate her, some admire her (or all of the above). I would venture to say Mitchell was ahead of her time in creating a character like her — subtly rebelling against “being a lady,” having children but not transforming into a stereotypically motherly figure and refusing to be defined by that role, and even daring to make her unlikable.” — from Gone With The Wind: On Unlikable Characters and Problematic Art by Jaime Herndon

In Which I Put My Marriage to the DATACLYSM Test - BOOK RIOT -

Data nerds: this one is for you. Check out this tool from the book Dataclysm that allows you to explore the connections between and among yourself and your closest relationships via Facebook.


The Odyssey: Kid literally tells his mother to be quiet and go upstairs to her room to do crafts.

Walden: Man pens an epic tome about nature and self-sufficiency while living about a mile from a sizable town and having his mom do his laundry.

Anna Karenina: A young woman falls in love with a man who falls in love with his horse.

and many more ways you can #ExplainABookPlotBadly.

75+ Of Your Favorite Novels Featuring Witchcraft - BOOK RIOT -

We asked for your favorite novels featuring witchcraft….and you answered. Here are your 75+ favorites. Get your read on.

Critical Linking: September 11, 2014 

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

With hardcover sales in long-term decline, the biggest names in fiction are relying on e-books and entrepreneurial hustle to keep their earnings on the rise.

Good gravy. James Patterson makes more than 3 times as much as the #2 author on this list of the 13 highest paid authors.


But the very characteristics that make the distributed Net so powerful overall also make it dicey in any given use. Links rot; sources evaporate. The anarchic Web loses some luster every time that something an author meant to share turns out to be a 404-not-found error.

The inertia of print books and libraries, sometimes decried, is actually crucial ballast for the swirling chaos of the internet.


A group of book-boosting artists from Booklyn Artists Alliance — spelled with no “r” as a play on words — is suing the new mobile-library nonprofit Booklyn Shuttle for snatching its hip identity, according to a suit filed in Brooklyn federal court last Thursday.

Seriously, a lawsuit? By an artists’ collective against a library non-profit? A curse on both their houses.


Amazon can both minimize the impact of thoughtless reviewing and simultaneously make the entire Amazon browsing experience better for all. You see, each reviewer has a rating. A “helpful” rating. And if someone is sufficiently helpless or useless — as many attackers tend to be — the “helpful” rating of their account can drop to 20% or lower. I propose Amazon begin to use this helpful data in calculating ratings. Giving more weight to the reviews of those most helpful. Allowing the opinion — and stars — of one helpful reviewer, for example, to cancel out five thoughtless trolls.

Hmmmm. I think I like it.


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Check it out, check it out! We’re revealing the contents of our 4th quarterly box.

Check it out, check it out! We’re revealing the contents of our 4th quarterly box.


“I want to tell a tale around the fall bonfire and begin, “Once upon a time” and spool it out, not go, dang it, what was I saying about the bichon? I want to get better. So point me in the right direction. How have you gotten better as a storyteller? Who do you aspire to be? Who’s who in modern American tale-spinning? Recommend anyone on YouTube?” — from What’s The Secret to Stellar Storytelling?