Sep 19

“But as an adult, I also have a very different view of her life and death. This past February, on the anniversary of her suicide at age 30, I realized several things: I was older than her when she died, and oh, how we’ll never know what she could have produced. I feel so young, like my life is still ahead of me, and it made me so sad that her depression, that insidious illness, killed her. There is no romanticizing about her life now – her marriage was tumultuous and troubled, toward the end she was struggling in nearly every way possible, and the end must have been very, very bleak. She could be selfish and vengeful. Simply put, she was human, like the rest of us. That can be very hard to remember when you’re a teenager and idolizing writers that touch your bloody, tender heart.” — from Sylvia Plath: More Than Just Her Death by Jaime Herndon


“We live in a magical world where you can have a book instantly transmitted from space to your home (that’s how internet works, right?). This is our time. Live it up, no matter what you like to read. Nobody cares what you read, really–and if they do, that’s their problem, not yours.” — from Nobody Cares What You Read by Susie Rodarme


The List List #123

Our weekly round-up of the best bookish lists floating around the internet.

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You know you want to know what we’re all reading right now. So we’re letting you take a peek over our shoulders.

You know you want to know what we’re all reading right now. So we’re letting you take a peek over our shoulders.

“So if you take anything away from this, can I implore you to try and…relax? Don’t worry about the movie-to-book translation ratio, if you can help it. Just appreciate the film for the film. And always, always remember that nothing is ruined, even when an excellent book is turned into a stupid movie. That book is still there, on the shelves, and that rubbish film can’t ever hurt that. It’ll fade away soon.” — from I Don’t Care About Accuracy in Book Adaptations by Peter Damien

“A good book is a good book, period.
I’ve been known to stick to classics and personal favorites (YA, fiction, memoir), and nothing could convince me to deter from that path. But I’ve welcomed the reviews and passionate posts about a whole variety of books, from comics to mystery to romance and self help. And since I trust the writers and readers on this site, I have not been led astray. Which sucks for my to-be-read list, but is in my own personal best interest.” — from It’s My Anniversary! Five Things I Learned From Book Riot by Alison Peters